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Actively Nourished by Peta Ryan – Supporting Women and Taking Back Control

Peta Ryan’s business, Actively Nourished, in the small rural town of Mudgee in New South Wales is dedicated to empowering and supporting women in their journey to take control back in their lives and their health, in the easiest, most pure and effective way.

Peta’s favourite part of living in Mudgee is the wide-open spaces, the community, the resilience shown by so many, and the heart that comes with raising a family in a small rural town.

Peta, a Clinical Nutritionist, has been building her business, Actively Nourished for the last 13 months.

Building it around everything she needs to be – a Mum, and support to her youngest son who is terminally ill and someone who is giving people a proactive approach to control over their bodies and health.

Actively Nourished creates small batches of organic nutritional supplements, with their best selling product being Detoxify – which is a two-part, 7-day detox system designed to reboot and repair your digestive system in order to achieve long term overall health.

As Peta makes all the products herself, she is able to fully adapt products to specifically suit the needs of her customers and their health concerns. This allows the client to buy products knowing they are exactly what they need in an all in one formulation specific to their body.

Seeing the products from fresh produce right down to powdered form allows Peta and her staff to not only support Australian farmers but to control the quality of ingredients too.

Actively Nourished customers describe the business as pure, wholesome, and nourished, and describe Peta as caring, and her products as effective. Her customers see that she really cares about them and will only sell them products they need for better health.

Peta and her team would love to see themselves reach a wider customer base with their products in the future so that they could help more people take back control of their health in 2021.

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