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loyalty and success in retail

Loyalty = Success in Retail – How Are Your Creating Loyalty

The new currency in retail is actually loyalty. How are you building customer loyalty in your small retail business? Take a read and give yourself a score!

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price strategy blog

When Did You Last Look at Your Pricing Strategy?

When did you last look at our pricing strategy inside your retail business? There’s some tips around how to do a price strategy for your retail business.

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leyna polished luxe candles

Meet Leyna Coleman from Polished Luxe Home Fragrance – Fragrances of Luxury

Leyna Coleman’s business, Polished Luxe Home Fragrance, in Long Beach NSW, is all about that feeling. That feeling of a beautiful scent that fills your entire home and looks like a piece of luxury style.

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hayley greiner owner willow's scent co

Meet Hayley Greiner who runs Willow’s Scents Co from her cattle property in Binjour!

Hayley Greiner’s business, Willow’s Scents Co, is run from her cattle property in Binjour, Queensland. Willow’s Scent Co has been running for approximately 8 months and specialises in Scented Soy Wax Candles and Soy Melts. From something, she did for fun to a business! Read all about Hayley’s story.

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Why Click Frenzy sales are harming regional and rural small businesses Smart Company

Why Click Frenzy sales are harming regional and rural small businesses – Smart Company

Small businesses in Australia have struggled to survive the past couple of years due to the effects of bushfires, the pandemic, lockdowns and more. They have less cash flow and smaller operating margins. These companies are the ones that need a significant boost in revenue the most right now, but they’re the least likely to get it.

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amy weeks glenbrae bath and body

Meet Amy Weeks from Glenbrae Bath & Body – for when you have “me” time!

Amy Weeks runs Glenbrae Bath and Body from her property ‘Glenbrae’ in Bajool, Central Queensland. Amy specialises in handcrafted and unique bath bombs.

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