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Buy From a Bush Business Facebook Group Turns 2!

The Facebook community that has changed over 340,000 lives turns 2!

Buy From a Bush Business, a Facebook group created at the end of October 2019, is turning two.

Jenn Donovan, the group creator, cannot believe it’s been 2 years and has now over 340,000 members, still produces 300 to 400 posts a day from rural and regional small businesses and has, literally, poured millions of dollars into the rural economy.

Ms Donovan says that so much has changed in just 2 years.  “When I started the group, it was because of the horrendous drought that was gripping my rural community, and many more around the country.  Little did we know that bushfires, floods and a worldwide pandemic was just around the corner”.

“But all these events have meant that we have grown from strength to strength”, says Ms Donovan.  “The world is a different place and Australians have changed the way they shop.”

In fact, xxx from Australia post was quoted on xx podcast that prior to the pandemic Australia was 5-10 years behind the UK and US so far as online shopping went.

In just 18 short months, Australia has caught up.  We are now among the largest online shopping countries in the world.

But, Ms Donovan says, “not only have we changed our shopping habits, but Australians have also changed the way they want to support small businesses and communities – especially those suffering adversities.  People now realise if they shop “direct” with the rural business, they are making a difference immediately and shoppers have the ability to make a difference like never before on platforms like Buy From a Bush Business Facebook group and marketplaces such as Spend With Us (”

In a survey undertaken by Spend With Us in late 2020, they found that 96.63% of Australians proudly declared that they consciously attempted to alter their shopping habits to support small businesses.

As our country opens back up, and lockdowns become a thing of the past, we will start to see what that support of small businesses, small rural and regional businesses looks like.  As we start to travel around our country, in numbers perhaps unseen before with overseas travel limited until mid-2022, we will be able to support those small rural businesses now with our feet, as well as our fingers!

Rural and regional Australia cannot wait to welcome back the tourism and foot traffic they enjoyed in the years prior to 2019!

If you want to support those rural and regional businesses who need it most, head to Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business and check out their Australian map which highlights all the businesses on the marketplace that you can drop in and say G’day too as you travel around!

Jenn is extremely proud of her Facebook group and the difference it’s made to so many lives, many of which Ms Donovan will never meet or know about.

Of course, the story didn’t stop with a famous Facebook group, Jenn collaborated with Sarah Britz and Lauren Hateley to create Australia’s first online marketplace just for rural and regional small business, Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business and they are well on the way to making that marketplace a household name!

It’s groups and marketplaces like this, and other rural campaigns, that have changed the landscape and brought to the attention of millions the need to support local, support small and support rural.

So, as we head into another Christmas, still with much uncertainty, consider supporting the small businesses of rural and regional Australia at – they even have sitewide gift cards to spend at any of the 1400+ rural and regional stores.

If, by chance, you aren’t one of the 340,000 odd members of Buy From a Bush Business – join the group here:



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