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Buy From a Bushfire Business Weekend

Spend With Us is a website marketplace which has been helping fire and drought affected businesses to receive sales from Australians who would otherwise not know that they exist.

These direct extra sales or Pay It Forward gifts have been a lifeline for many of these businesses attempting to keep their businesses afloat. We currently have more than 150 businesses registered, and over 350 products for sale on the website – ready for you to purchase!

Things are getting back to normal for most people and the summer’s fires are becoming a distant memory – but it’s not for the communities of fire-affected towns. There is a long road to recovery ahead – people have not only lost significant portions of their annual incomes, but also are dealing personally with the traumatic after affects. The grief, stress and fear that come along with fires can result in mood swings, depression, flashbacks and relational strain. Young children, who do not fully understand or know how to cope with the situation, are often particularly at risk. So we want to step up the game and raise nationwide awareness about our Spend With Us website for both businesses requiring support and customers to buy from them.

We want every Australian to take a moment and think about where they are spending their money. If you can’t get out to a fire-affected town in person, you can purchase a product from our Spend With Us website instead. Most of these small businesses are not tech savvy and don’t know how to get the word out to the rest of Australia that they need us all to shop and support them. We are hoping that Spend With Us will provide them the platform to achieve this and considerably improve their wellbeing.

Buy from a Bushfire Business Weekend is an amazing opportunity for us all to get together and show these communities that we care and have not forgotten them. We can make a direct difference and help these communities get back on their feet by pledging to buy one product! Whether you are in Sydney or San Francisco – you can show a bushfire affected business your support.

Buy from a Bushfire Business Weekend – Join Spend With Us on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March and be a part of our movement to make a difference to bushfire-affected Australian families and communities!

Link to event:

Help us share this event far and wide! Buy from A Bushfire Business Weekend starts at 8am AEST on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March 2020.

We would love to see how many people can we get to take the pledge to just purchase one item and spend their money where it matters?

The ways people can help are:

1) Purchase a product, voucher or pay it forward gift from a Bushfire Business by shopping online. Fill your virtual EmptyEsky! There are currently over 350 amazing products listed on the Spend With Us website – if you are searching for a birthday gift, mothers day ideas or just want to book your next holiday – go to first and spend your money where it matters on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March 2020.

2) Head over to our facebook or instagram pages and tag any small businesses that could use our support! The Spend With Us website has over 120 Australian businesses listed so far and growing – let us help promote as many Australian fire and drought affected businesses as possible!


4) Share this event – share it on your Facebook page, via messenger, and in any Facebook groups you are part of! The more people we can get to share and join us, the more awareness we can raise! Link to register your support and share:

5) If you have a small business that has been affected – register for your FREE website store listing on Spend With Us. Let buyers enquire and purchase your products directly! Let us help you be found in Google!!

6) If you can’t wait until Buy From A Bushfire Business Weekend – please start shopping with bushfire businesses NOW at Remember – behind every business is a family!

Do your shopping with a bushfire business on Saturday March 14th 2020 and Sunday 15th March 2020 and let’s see how many sales we can bring for rural and regional Australian businesses.

Small business owners, Geoff & Linda Simpson, own 2 small home businesses (Fallen Timber Furniture Company & Yarranungara Yurt Retreat – an eco-retreat B&B) as well as a farm in the heart of Victoria’s King Valley. They lost more than 65% of their annual income during what should have been their peak earning time to see them through the year. Geoff has also been working on the CFA truck with bruised ribs from a fall. After listing on Spend With Us and sharing their Spend With Us stores with previous customers, family and friends, Geoff and Linda received multiple online sales which provided help & hope when they needed it the most. But they still need more help like ALL Spend With Us businesses.

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