#Cardsforthebush FAQ's

What is @cardsforthebush?

We are an initiative encouraging people to send fire affected individuals a gift-card to a local bush business.
Sending an e-gift card (or a physical card if you live locally) to someone in the bush is an easy way to show your support and care to fire affected individuals and local businesses.

This initiative is about reaching out to family, friends and strangers who have been affected by the fires. Whether they have lost everything or have spent the week sitting in an evacuation centre, fighting fires for their local brigade or have been under enormous stress with fires continually on their back, you can reach out to them.

By gifting a voucher to a local bush business you are supporting locals with locals. It’s for everyone who has been burnt out physically or emotionally) in the last few months.

What can I do to get involved?

It’s simple. Connect. Support. Care. Share.

Identify a member of the community who has been affected by the bushfire crisis. This could be a family member or friend of yours.
We really encourage you to try and find a fire-affected member of your community through your circle of family and friends first (social media can be very helpful for this). You will generally need their name and email to send them a gift-card.
If you still can’t find anyone let us know please post in @cardsforthebushcommunity. Someone will then comment or message you directly with the details of a fire-affected family.
If you don’t find someone to sponsor within a few days, send us a message.

Purchase a gift card from a local business in that person’s area. Check out the business directory at
You might already know a local business you would like to support, or you can do some of your own research (hello Google!)
We highly recommend following #cardsforthebush #spendwithusaustralia and #spendwiththem #buyfromthebush and #buyfromabushbusiness on social media.

Write a thoughtful message and email on the e-gift card to your chosen individual.

Post a picture, write a post, share the business you supported or share @cardsforthebush and @spendwithus on Facebook & Instagram and any other social media accounts you have.
We don’t really mind how you do it, we just ask that you please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
Tag us at @cardsforthebush and @spendwithus and use the hashtag #cardsforthebush and #spendwithusaustralia

Great, so I’ve done all that…what’s next?

Give yourself a massive pat on the back and go and brag about it to all your friends and family.
By gifting #cardsforthebush through #spendwithusaustralia you are giving a much-needed boost to a fire-affected Australian who really needs it. You have also supported a local bush business. Thank you.
PS. Just to make your friends jealous about how awesome you really are, you can tell them that an e-gift card is environmentally friendly (no paper, plastic or petrol required in its delivery). So really, you’ve just kicked all your feel-good feeling goals for the year!

I’ve been affected by the fires… can you help me?

We are sorry to hear this and we would love to help you connect with a sponsor in our community.
If the fires have affected your family, please get in contact with one of our sponsors in @cardsforthebushcommunity.
You can do this by:
–  commenting or messaging someone that has already reached out offering to help;
–  or you can write a new post about your situation and reach out for help;
– or sending us a message at @cardsforthebush.
If you don’t find someone to sponsor you within a few days, send us a message.

Why are you doing this?

Because we want to #supportlocalswithlocals!
After a horrific fire season, Australians are returning to their homes (or what is left of them). Local businesses will struggle and affected individuals will carry the burden of losing their home and community to flame for years to come.

Are you collecting money?

Nope. We want your money to go straight to a local business! We are encouraging you to jump on or contact local businesses and purchase a gift-voucher directly.

You can then ask them to gift that gift-voucher (how good is a double gift hey!) to a fire-affected member of the community.

What kind of voucher should I give?

We know that on the ground organisations are doing a bloody fantastic job at providing support and supplies as the emergency has been unfolding.
So #cardsforthebush is less about gifting emergency supplies and more about gifting something nice to look forward to.
This could be a gift card to the local restaurant, cinema or gift shop. You could also gift a massage or hair appointment.
Of course, you can also gift a voucher to the local supermarket, hardware store or clothing store.
Get creative and let us know what kind of voucher you purchased!

I’m a bush business and I want to get involved, what can I do?

Hey you! Thanks for checking us out!
Sign yourself up to the Spend With Us website and hop onto @cardsforthebush and @spendwithus socials. Use #cardsforthebush and #spendwithusaustralia.
We then need you to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Share us on your socials, on your email lists and shout about us from the rooftops! (just don’t scare your customers away!)

I’ve still got a question?

Send us a message or email us and we will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.