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From Hobby to Small Business – Personalised Sacred Geometry Mandalas

Australia has many amazing homebased artists who take their creativity and turn it into a business.

Melle Hatz is one of those artists.

Melle’s business is Liminal Geometry, and she draws and paints intuitive mandala readings of a person, environment or event.

Melle uses the ancient wisdom of Sacred Geometry and a deeply creative instinct, and she explores the energy of her subjects through meditative drawing and study.

Liminal Geometry is run from Melle’s home studio in beautiful Colac, Victoria and she keeps the buy Australian made theme going by purchasing all her products from Australian wholesalers.

Melle’s favourite thing about living in rural and regional Australia is having wetlands and a bird sanctuary at the end of her street, having the Otway’s Rainforest at the doorstep, and finding where the platypus play on the weekend.  She loves the community spirit and initiative during these challenging times. And of course, the old “haunted” abandoned manor on Balnagowan Street

The business itself isn’t that old, as with so many home based businesses, this started as a hobby and took off after sharing her services out to the big wide world via Buy From a Bush Business Facebook Group, and now her hobby is a thriving small business.

Every piece is unique, original and personalised to her customer’s requirements.

Her customers have made the best seller the A3 Size with full metallic colour – something beautiful for them to hang in their special place – a piece of art all about them.

We asked Melle – what makes your business different?

My process is deeply personalized, and 80% of the work is unseen in the final piece.

In order to create the art, I must get to know my patrons, so that I can understand how to direct the final outcome of the piece. Quite often the artistic process actually involves giving emotional support and advice, or sharing my own personal experiences in order to create a connection that will translate into the art. I am currently working with a grieving widow, soon-to-be grandmother and a woman with 6 kelpie dogs, so you can imagine the diversity in the conversations to be had! Each case is completely unique and requires something different from me.

I then apply nearly a decade of Sacred Geometry study to my clients’ scenario to create the final piece for them, with the intention to celebrate, uplift, heal, resolve and/or learn.

What’s your favourite part about being in business for yourself?

Having the flexibility to do more than just ‘tick boxes’ to meet a benchmark, and instead give personal & genuine service to the standard that reflects my own personal values. Also, the appreciation and gratitude of the people I work with for sharing knowledge and skills that have been a private part of my life for so long

Liminal Geometry is best described as liminal, creative and unexpected and as Melle tells us, it’s not a business, it’s an experience, both for her and her customers.

From a hobby, to a business, Melle looks forward to a gradual expansion into larger and more complex pieces, stronger connections with customers, exploration into new pigments & materials, and, of course, growing her online presence.

To get in touch with Melle or to read more about this unique experience of having a mandala done for you to capture a piece of your life’s journey, go to

To see the products available here on Spend With Us – go to Liminal Geometry’s store

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