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Grow Your Business On Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business

Grow Your Business On Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business


A Spend With Us store is your all-in-one online-business solution to get more out of running your business and getting your brand and products in front of 100,000’s of new buyers.


Spend With Us stores are a part of a central shopping destination where buyers can support Australian rural and regional small businesses and learn more about your business, your story and your products.


Spend With Us offers exclusive marketing tools, insights and personalised support, to help you build and grow your business.


Why join a marketplace like Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business?

Don’t have a website? – Get an online e-commerce store instantly! No coding is necessary. Get a great looking store without worrying about any html, css or javascript. You list. You sell. We do the technical work. 

Already have a website? – Even though you have your own website having your products for sale on our platform lets us raise awareness of your business and products and in turn increase your sales. We can help you get new customers! People who have never heard of your website or products will find you as they have come on our platform specifically to search for and buy an item that you may sell!

Save money – no website hosting fees, SEO or advertising fees, no paying for apps to help make your website work and be optimised to be found on google

Boost traffic to your products and store listings – not only are you driving traffic to your store, but 700+ other vendors are also driving traffic to their stores, which brings more people onto the marketplace to browse and in turn, raises awareness of brands

Optimise your product listings – with exclusive tips, tricks and help from SEO and marketing experts

Marketing done for you – we certainly encourage our vendors to do some marketing and run ads on their own products, but Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business invests thousands of dollars a month in marketing across many platforms on behalf of its Vendors. These include but are not limited to, Google shopping ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, email marketing to a database of almost 7,000 and PR in national and local media.

Dedicated customer service – our email is monitored daily and any issues arising or Vendors requiring help receive a reply within 12 hours of any request from one of our Founders. So you have the knowledge and skills of the people building, developing and running the marketplace to answer and help you with all your questions.

A competitive edge – with thousands of $$ spent on marketing and raising brand awareness each month, a Facebook Group with over 300,000 members to promote your product to, a dedicated support team, exclusive training, webinars and Q&A sessions, and access to a community of like-minded business sellers in a private Facebook group, you have the competitive edge!


Benefits that add up 

See how much you get when you belong to our Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business Marketplace.


All store subscribers get:

• Access to a private Facebook Sellers Community Group.  

In this group:

o You can ask questions of your fellow sellers or admin

o Share your wins and have the community celebrate with you

o Join in exclusive training including webinars and Q&A sessions aimed at helping you grow your business and become a better marketer. Our training opportunities give helpful tips and hints around running an online business and how to increase your sales.

• Exclusive opportunities to be involved in PR local and nationwide media, having your product highlighted in newsletters, social media posts and events;

• Be the first to know about new events, new sale opportunities and new features on the marketplace


Transparent with Costs

On our premium memberships, VIP & Plus Plans, there are NO transaction fees taken. Many other marketplaces charge up to 15% transaction fees on your purchases – we charge FREE fees!


VIP Plan is $147 a year – so less than 40 cents a day

Plus Plan is $97 a year – so less than 26 cents a day


We also have a FREE Bushfire Plan for those businesses who have been affected by bushfires – this free plan is for 12 months.


Finally, we have our Essentials Plan. This plan is FREE, with ZERO subscription fees, however, once your store is making more than $200 in sales, then a 5% transaction fee is charged per order.


Although our plans have NO transaction fees (except for the Essential Plan as explained above), we do pass on payment processing fees from PayPal and our Credit Card / Buy Now Pay Later payment providers which will depend on the payment method chosen by customer at checkout. The payout amounts you receive from a sale will be less the amount charged by the PayPal or Credit Card payment gateway, at 2.6% + $0.30 per order or 5% + $0.30 per order for any Buy Now Pay Later orders. Our business is simply unable to absorb the fees charged to us through 3rd party apps or financial institutions. 


See I told you we are transparent!


Your stores are easy to set up – and you can be live and selling in minutes!


Our Knowledge Base helps you with any queries or frequently asked questions when setting up your store or as you start to upload and sell products. And our team is just an email away with any further help required.


If you have your own website or store on another marketplace, our team can help you upload your products in bulk via a CSV file for free – making things even quicker and easier! For a small fee, we can provide someone to give you more extensive support to upload, configure and optimise your products and store pages for you. Send a message to for more information on the extra services we can offer.


Other Tools exclusive to our platform


Enjoy exclusive tools such as


• The ability to tell your story right within your store. The “Why Spend With Us” section of your store is the perfect place to engage with your potential customers, tell them about you, your story and the story of your products. What sets you apart from everyone else who sells what you sell? Storytelling is such an important part of marketing because people buy from people they can relate too. This is why this is such a unique feature to be included in all stores on the Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business marketplace.


• A Private Facebook Group for sellers only – this is YOUR community. A community that is there to support you, lift you up, help you and it’s a place where great marketing opportunities and collaborations happen between sellers.


• Point your own domain to your Spend With Us store! Let your customers visit your Spend With Us store directly via typing in your own domain! If you don’t have a website, use your Spend With Us store as your primary online storefront!


• Free Coupon Creation – Create a wide range of coupon codes that can be used throughout your store to entice customers to spend with you. Offer your customers special promo codes for individual products or storewide.


• Fast, Secure and Easy Payments – Payouts for the sale of your products can occur at your convenience. As soon as you receive notification of an order, simply login to your store, mark your orders as complete and request a payment withdrawal. Payments will be instantly and automatically transferred into your nominated PayPal account. 


• Access a FREE membership with Business Australia – We’ve partnered with Business Australia, a free membership organisation that offers a range of resources, advice and solutions to help manage your business and navigate this difficult time. Click here to learn more:


If you still have you queries or questions, or even comments you’d like to make, please get in touch.  Email and we’ll be in touch.

If you’re interested in joining our marketplace as a Seller – then simply head to and check out our membership options and all the benefits that go with them!

Look forward to welcoming you to the Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business family!

Huge Country Love

Jenn, Sarah and Lauren


To find out more about the Founders and our Business Values – click here:


*  Membership prices and transaction/payment processing fees are correct as of January 2021.  Prices are subject to change.

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