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How Good are Your at Customer Service?

Customer Service

One of my favourite inspirational sayings (for both work and personal life) is

People will forget what you said, forget what you did, what they will NEVER forget the way you made them feel

Replace “people” with CUSTOMER and you get CUSTOMERS will forget what you SAID, forget what you DID and they will never forget the way you made them FEEL – this is customer service.

How does your customer feel when they:-

  • Enter your store
  • Browse in your store
  • Phone or email your store
  • Go onto your website
  • Purchase from you
  • Browse your website
  • Bring their child/husband/elderly parent/wife/partner into your store
  • Ask you questions
  • Order from you
  • Receive that order
  • Leave your store or website
  • and so on and so on

Is your brand and your customer service consistent?

If you aren’t providing your customers with a positive experience in all these areas – then you are failing in some fundamental areas of your business – including customer service.  You ARE losing sales and sending customers to your competitors.

I find it oddly strange that people in customer service so often think that their role is to simply serve the customer in front of them.  To build a successful retail business in the current small business climate is ridiculously tough – we need our customer service to not just be the best but LEGENDARY.

You need (and your staff need) to become GENUINELY interested in your customers.

Check your customer service levels against my Customer Service Checklist – download your copy here –

How did you go?  What areas need improving? What areas are you a LEGEND in?

Celebrate your wins – celebrate the bits of customer service you are great at – but look objectively at the sections that need improving.

That saying, the one that’s my favourite at the top of the blog – that was always above the kitchen sink in the staff room at my retail shop – it was part of our philosophy – a part of our brand – it was who we were and what we stood for – my business partner, our staff and me.

What does your brand say about your levels of customer service?

Go back and look at the checklist you completed above.  What are the 3 main areas you can improve on in 2022 to ensure your customer service is legendary enough to build a profitable retail business that serves you and your customers?

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