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How to make a delicious Easter grazing board that is 100% perfection

One word: Delicious!

By Sarah and Jenn, Spend With Us

Now, while we are no experts at styling food or chefs, by any stretch – we know what food is a winner with our families at Easter. And why not celebrate some Aussie regional and bush businesses.

Grazing platters are certainly the easiest way to feed a large crowd. You can also mix and match and really make it to your own tastes. You can also get super creative and have a lot of fun designing it.

However, if you like the look of ours, we have broken it down for you below.

We opted for ‘make your own’ Hot Cross Bun Ice-cream Sandwiches’ and Easter Egg Bowl Sundaes.

Hot tip: 
some of these products don’t have to be just used at Easter, they can be for a grazing board for any time of year – your guests will love it.

The bush business products include: 
No need to go searching through the marketplace for these, we have curated a list for you here.
easter egg grazing board spend with us
We also needed a few extra things from the grocery store. Throw in some Hot Cross Buns, small Easter Eggs, Large Easter Eggs, ice-cream of your choice and some cute little easter themed decorations.
You’ll also need a huge platter or board because you’ll be filling this up with sugary goodness, right to the edges!

 Your grazing board can be as big or as small as you like, tailor the amount of products used to the size of platter you want.

Hacks to create the perfect Easter grazing board making
 Easter egg bowls
For cutting the larger eggs to make your bowls, you’ll need to do this really carefully. Our suggestion is to run the knife around the seam in the middle until the knife finally cuts through. Oh, and don’t worry if it’s a little rough around the edges or breaks off a bit – it’s all part of the fun!
Pack your Easter Egg Bowls with whatever you like – then you can go ahead and eat the egg after you finish what’s inside. This will be so fun for the kids too. No washing up bowls with this one!
easter egg bowl

Hot cross bun sandwich
Who doesn’t love an ice-cream sandwich? We love these best with the Artisan honeycomb, popcorn and blueberry sauce. Delish!

Sweet and sticky goodness
With the sweet and spice coconut sugar, we suggest sprinkling this over the whole platter to get that pop of flavour throughout. This is sticky, messy and oh so sweet! Make sure you have some wet wipes on hand.

Finally, have fun
There really are no rules to this. As we said (full disclaimer) we aren’t professional food stylists here. We just know what really good tasting food is and this platter right here, is heavenly.

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