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Loyalty = Success in Retail – How Are Your Creating Loyalty

At the Spend With Us – Buy From a Bush Business, we believe retail success comes from customer loyalty.

Retail business is built on the currency of repeat customers, loyal customers.  New customers are too hard to continually find, reach and market too – so we need repeat customers – and we need them to love us and to be loyal to us.  In fact, a new customer is 6 times more expensive to market to, than a customer you already have, AND loyal customers are 65% more likely to buy from you again and again.

Creating a following of loyal customers takes time.  It’s all about relationships being built on trust, expertise on your behalf, knowing your customers and what problems they want you to solve and giving value value value.

I’m sure you’ll agree that many of your competitors look the same, and some might even be better at what you do than you are, but creating a business focussed on repeat, loyal customers, allows you to stand out in the crowd and be the DIFFERENCE for them.

For a loyal customer, there needs to be more to the relationship than the transfer of money for goods, a greeting, a gracious smile or a package that arrives on time.

All relationships are two-way streets, retail is no different.

What do you do to give back to your customers, provide value to them – the thing(s) you do to create love in this two-way relationship?  Spend a couple of minutes writing them down.

Do you have a customer loyalty program or customer club?

Do you send birthday and Christmas cards to your customers?

Do you host VIP shopping events where you not only have amazing bargains but a welcoming atmosphere, champagne, nibbles?  Not just once a year, but a few – Christmas, Mother’s Day, new product releases or no reason at all (so far as your customer’s think anyway!)?

Do you sponsor local sporting or charitable events?  AND involve yourself personally in such events?

Do you share useful/important information for FREE frequently?

Do you create a marketing piece UNIQUELY for your business?  For example, an Ebook, calendar, user guide, fashion guide, recipe book etc.

Do you have “VIP only” online sales where those on your customer list get a special code that offers them free postage for 1 day or an exclusive deal – just for them – the loyal ones who open your email every week?

Do you send that little something extra with each package?  A handwritten thank you note, a treat or an offer to come back again?

So, how’d you go?  How does your business stack up at creating loyalty?  At providing value to your customers?

Always remember, it’s the little, little, little things that create relationships with your customers, builds loyalty and makes you more sales!

If you love retail like me, follow along and we can learn together.  Follow along on social media @spendwithusaustralia or join our marketplace– I’d love to hear your comments, thoughts and ideas – building a small business in retail is tough by yourself which is why Spend With Us exists – to connect, educate and inspire growth in your small business!

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