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Meet Amy Weeks from Glenbrae Bath & Body – for when you have “me” time!

In today’s busy world, sometimes the only “me” time we can get is in the bathroom. So why not use this precious time to take yourself on a retreat to “Glenbrae”. Picture the stunning sunsets across the paddocks, as you slip into a warm, comforting bubble bath or dream of rainy nights as you enjoy your five minutes of precious peace in the shower. Take some time out for you, to nurture your body, mind and soul with Glenbrae Bath and Body.

If you love beautifully fragranced bubble baths (or showers!) Glenbrae Bath and Body are a Spend With Us store you need to get to know!

Amy Weeks runs Glenbrae Bath and Body from her property ‘Glenbrae’ in Bajool, Central Queensland.Amy Weeks Glenbrae Bath and Body

Specialising in handcrafted and unique bath bombs, Amy has also created a gorgeous bath and shower collection including her brand new and very versatile addition, Bathtime Dough! Glenbrae Bath and Body have worked hard to bring a collective and unique range for not only baths but showers as well. All their collection is made in small batches to guarantee uniqueness and quality. Their stunning cupcake bath bombs are always a hit, along with bubble biscuits, bubble rockets, bathtime gels, shower steamers, sugar scrubs, bath salts, shower bombs and lip balms just to name a few. Their bath and shower collections come in a wide range of beautiful fragrances to help tailor your next bathtime into your retreat time.

Of all their products though, their bath and cupcake bombs are the most popular, although Amy says her new Bathtime Dough is going to be a close second! As Amy describes, “Bathtime Dough is a soap, it’s a bubble bath, it’s mouldable and best of all, it’s base is made with naturally derived ingredients sourced from coconut oil, the same as our very popular Shower Gels, making Bathtime Dough gentle enough to be used every day!”

Made in Australia by Amy, using locally sourced products, this is truly an Australian Made business.

All these products are not only made in Australia but made on a working cattle property!  It’s very much a family business, with daughter’s Paige and Jessica stepping in to give mum a hand when needed, and with her two boys, Austin and Darcy and husband Scott getting roped in when there’s packing to be done!

Amy aims for her products to have as many natural and nourishing ingredients in them as possible.  And they like to think outside the box – for example, their bubble rockets!

Amy loves having her own business and being her own boss.  Having Glenbrae Bath and Body has also been a lifesaver to her family, especially during the tough times they have endured through not only drought, Covid19 but also the challenges of a working cattle property.

She loves that she’s been able to help support her family whilst working her unique business.

The best thing about living on a cattle farm is the diversity of life!

One day Amy is mustering cattle, the next she is making bath bombs.

Amy loves the wide-open spaces and her family’s menagerie of animals from chooks to ducks to cattle and horses.

Amy weeks, Glenbrae bath and bodyShe wouldn’t change a thing – although some more rain would definitely be welcomed!

Customers describe Glenbrae Bath and Body as nature and nurture, rolled into a beautiful bath and body collection, handcrafted and unique. Customers love the wide range of beautiful fragranced bath and body products that leave their skin feeling so refreshed and luxurious.

The future for Glenbrae Bath and Body is bright.  Amy would love to be able to support her family a little more and looks to perhaps supply some little boutique stores in the future.

She’s proud of her business and how it has grown and is so grateful that so many people support her family business.  A very BIG thank you to all her customers, past and future, from Amy and her family!

You can support Amy and check out her range of products on her Spend With Us marketplace store here:

Or connect with her on or Instagram.


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