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Meet Katrina from Hattie & Mouse 3D Standing Cookie Cutters

Hattie & Mouse 3D Standing Cookie Cutters

A craft you can eat and the gift that keeps giving


Every now and then you come across a product that’s so unique, you can’t help but stop, read and admire.

Well, that’s the product of Hattie & Mouse.

A rural business in Brewongle, New South Wales, run by Katrina Locke.

Hattie and Mouse has been running for about 5 months and is a business that sells 3D Standing Cookie Cutters in designs such as Unicorns, Rabbits, Dinosaurs and more.

They are not your usual run of the mill cookie cutters though.  They are designed by Katrina with pen and paper and then sent off to the 3D printer here in Australia (South Australia actually!).

These little beauties need to been seen to be believed.

Simply bake, decorate, stand up to make a 3D model of the cookie and eat with enormous satisfaction!hattie and mouse 3D cookie cutters

These 3D masterpieces aren’t just for the professionals though, they come equipped with a smart cookie recipe so that your pieces bake flat as a pancake but are as sweet as pie!

Other accessories available are icing scribes, deluxe sprinkles and sugar eye vials and 6mm rolling depth guides.

There are 9 designs within the Hattie & Mouse Collection, with a 10th on the way. Not surprisingly the Unicorn/Horse has been the most popular.

Hattie and Mouse customers describe the 3D cookie cutters as fun, unique and quality finished.

Katrina’s customers describe the 3D cookie cutters as their “go-to” perfect gift idea and love that they provide hours of precious quality time with their children and grandchildren.

Some feedback from clients to Katrina is:

“We love our cookie cutters from Hattie and Mouse. They create hours of fun and       enjoyment for our kids. Katrina is lovely to deal with and the quality of the cookie cutters is   perfect. Hattie and Mouse has quickly become my go to shop for birthday presents. When    teamed with a book, they make a very special present for loved ones.” – Ashley F

“I’m fresh to baking but figured it out pretty quickly that these cookie cutters are next level    and something special! It gives my cookie art an edge…that they can stand on (wink). Can’t          beat that party trick!” – Little Mixing Co (Cookie Business)

Brewongle, where Katrina lives, is a tiny village outside of Bathurst in the Central Tablelands of NSW.  Katrina and her family love it there.  They love the open space of the basin which is housed on the edge of the Blue Mountains allowing for 4 distinct seasons of the year.

Katrina enjoys the flexibility of owning her own small business coupled with the lifestyle of where she lives.  She can be Mrs Farmer with her husband, she can be Mum and entertainer to her 2 little girls or she can be the businesswoman of Hattie and Mouse!  It just works, said, Katrina.hattie and mouse 3d cookie cutters

Katrina continues to grow the Hattie & Mouse 3D Standing Cookie Cutter Collection with new designs periodically. She is working to scale her business to include a ‘how to decorate’ cookbook, which will be available to purchase at the end of the year.  She is always looking for new ways to delight more customers!

You can check out the range of 3D Standing cookies and Hattie & Mouse’s range here on the Spend With Us marketplace:

You can also follow Hattie and Mouse on Instagram and Facebook.


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