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Meet Leyna Coleman from Polished Luxe Home Fragrance – Fragrances of Luxury

There’s something quite special about a clean house and a beautiful candle burning, bringing timeless elegance to your home.

Leyna Coleman’s business, Polished Luxe Home Fragrance, in Long Beach NSW, is all about that feeling.

That feeling of a beautiful scent that fills your entire home and looks like a piece of luxury style.

Polished Luxe Home Fragrance has been operating for almost 12 months and sells soy candles, soy melts, reed diffusers, room and linen sprays and gift boxes for something extra special.

However, their most popular product out of the range is their soy candles.  Handcrafted and made in Australia with Australian sourced goods, Leyna’s products ooze luxury.polished luxe home fragrance

Each candle is created in their home, for your home.

Leyna loves living in the relaxed nature of the coast, in Long Beach, and gets inspired by her surroundings for her business.

Leyna says that she loves creating and hand-making each and every product from premium quality ingredients to create a range that is simple, yet stylish and will give any home that feeling of luxury.

Leyna loves being in business for herself as she loves the freedom to experiment and make some truly beautiful creations and loves seeing the joy on her customer’s faces.

Her customers describe her products as timeless, luxurious and elegant.

With fragrances such as “Not So Vanilla”, “Peony Blush”, “Time to Pear Up” and “Botanical Australian Bush” – there’s something for everyone in the range.

The first 12 months has seen Leyna develop and perfect her signature ranges for her customers and really looks forward to growing their brand and the market share in the future.  As well as, of course, keep creating new additions to the Luxe family of fragrances!

polished luxe home fragranceYou can see the range and purchase from Polished Luxe Home Fragrance on the Spend With Us site here or follow them on their social media here.



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