You are currently viewing Meet Michelle Klement from Rescued Wood Studio – Creating Wood Masterpieces for Your Home and Office

Meet Michelle Klement from Rescued Wood Studio – Creating Wood Masterpieces for Your Home and Office

Recycling and reusing comes in all different forms, and for Michelle Klement it came in the form of finding old wood or items being thrown away that she could create new pieces to love in your home or in corporate spaces.

Michelle’s business, Rescued Wood Studio, is only fairly new, but her passion for being creative, for filling her soul with unique pieces is not new!

Rescued Wood StudioEach piece handcrafted by Michelle is 100% unique with no two pieces of timber being ever the same, which means purchases can come back, again and again, to be inspired with their next piece!

Michelle’s business is located on the stunning Coffs Coast, at Korora, Gumbaynggirr country.

And as her corporate contract ended and she found after a year when our planet changed, what made her happy before, no longer did!

So, Michelle found something that did by creating unique and one of a kind artistic homewares using old timber, driftwood, barn wood, crates, fence posts!

She loves living on in Korora, but who wouldn’t with the scenery, the beaches and, importantly, the community spirit.

And her clients love her pieces as there is always something different to purchase!

“This stunning light is now the centrepiece of our family dinners, creating the warmest cosiest vibe to a space we barely used” -Zac & Talula Hughes

Her most popular pieces are her Driftwood Pendant Lights and customers describe her business as rustic, handmade and modern.

But besides Driftwood Pendant Lights, Michelle also creates Driftwood Mirrors, Driftwood Ladders, Driftwood Signs, Barnwood Mirrors and Lights, Fence Post Pendant lights and table décor.

Michelle loves being in business with herself, where the decisions are hers and although sometimes frantically busy, it’s good to be busy!

But let’s be real, it’s not pretty work and most days she ends up covered in dust or paint, dirty & smelly but hey, mostly with a huge grin!  It’s what happens when you do what you love!

And although the business is young, Michelle’s goal is to run a small business that allows her staff, and herself, to use their creativeness when reviving their pieces into something the buyer willMichelle Klement Rescued Wood Studio treasure for many years to come.

You can find out more about Michelle’s Rescued Wood Studio and see her latest creations on Spend With Us here:

And you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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