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Meet Olivia Cosh from Wild Island Co – Where They are Adventure Ready!

Adventure ready!  Because adventures happen close to home!

That’s the motto of Wild Island Co, a small business from Moree in NSW, Kamilaroi Country.

Olivia Cosh’s business, Wild Island Co, is a new start-up and we are so pleased they have chosen Spend With Us to be a part of that journey.

Wild Island Co creates timeless, quality, unisex, gender-neutral (without being boring) clothing designed for the family to embrace everyday outdoor adventures in.  Their clothes are hard-wearing that kids find hard to destroy!  Hence their motto of being “Adventure Ready!”.Wild Island Co

The most popular products are raincoats and overalls.

Customers have left reviews for the raincoats such as “So great to find a raincoat that my boy is excited to wear and actually keeps him dry!” and “Such amazing quality, this one will be passed down through the family for sure”.

And for the popular overalls “My little wild thing loves these overalls!  Fabric to withstand any adventure that comes our way, but still soft enough to run and jump and play” and “my miss M loves the pockets for all the treasures she finds when we are out exploring!”.

Customers describe Wild Island Co as a brand that’s interactive, of great quality and, of course, adventures!

All products are designed in Australia and manufactured offshore.

Olivia, Wild Island Co Founder, says “that they believe that boys and girls should be empowered to explore the world around them, to climb that tree or roll down that hill, without being restricted by gender stereotypes, or limited to boring typical ‘outdoors’ clothing” – that’s what makes us a little different.

We truly believe that adventures don’t have to be extreme or far from home and being open to new experiences and exploring trials, riverbanks and rockpools is what adventures are all about!

Olivia’s favourite thing about owning and running her own business is getting to know her customers, from all walks of life, sharing adventures with them and playing a small part in those adventures.

Olivia loves to hear from her customers about what they’d like to see next and gather ideas for the next launch.  “After all, they are wearing them too and their little ones are bound to come up with some creative ideas too”!

Olivia also works at a pre-school so understands, first hand, the workout kids give their clothes whilst exploring the world in front of them.  This work keeps her inspired too!

Wild Island Co is more than a business, it’s a feeling, a sense of connection.  Olivia was drawn to the clothing because of its hardiness, it’s beauty and timelessness.  But what keeps her coming back is that she relates to the philosophy of the brand and her customers.

Olivia runs from business from her small rural community of Moree, a major cotton-growing area of New South Wales, and a town whose name comes from the Aboriginal word for “rising sun”, “long spring” or “water hole”.  Olivia loves the support of living and working in a community such as Moree.

Wild Island is a relatively new business; however, Olivia has big plans!  She will continue sourcing quality “sturdy bush bashing” clothing that can be passed down in families (because that’s how clothing was when she was young) and she hopes to add a children’s giftware section to the business in the future because everyone is always looking for that “perfect” gift to give to an adventure!

Olivia is also passionate about doing some pop-up shops in the more remote areas of NSW, to give access to those who only have online stores to buy from.  She’d also like to take her business to some city markets, to showcase the business talent that exists in our small country towns!

Wild Island CoOlivia is the perfect example of a rural business owner who literally does a happy dance after each sale!

You can check out the range from Wild Island Co on Spend With Us here:

You can also follow Olivia and Wild Island Co on Facebook and Instagram


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