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Meet Rohini Sharma-Constance from Omni Health Source – Adding a Twist to the Traditional Skincare and Wellness Products

Adding a twist to the traditional skincare and wellness products, Omni unites Ayurvedic & yogic knowledge to combine key nutritious and clean ingredients to create products that intrinsically balance, & promote physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

Rohini Sharma-Constance is the founder of Omni Health Source, a family run business in a small town called Kurrajong Heights, Durag country.

Roh is happiest when surrounded by nature and is in nature.  A backdrop of beautiful trees, mountains, birds, peace and quiet.

Omi Health Source came from following her passion after the impact of Covid19 on her other sources of income.

Creating, driving and living Omni Health Source has given Rohini a sense of purpose and being useful in helping people regain their health and wellness by creating products that are wholesome, clean and effective.

Rohini loves working with customers who truly love her products and it means that she gets to work at home with her 3 sons.

Omni Health Source offers a holistic product that will address all areas.  For example, her Super Hemp Balm.  A product that helps people experiencing muscular aches and pains, and therefore cannot sleep due to the pain which then leads to anxiety.  The same nourishing concepts apply to all our products.

Rohini and Omni Health Sources’ pledge is:

  • 100% Pure Botanicals
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced & Fair Trade
  • Wildcrafted Ingredients
  • Sustainable & Carbon Neutral
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • ACO & COSMO Certified Ingredients
  • Ancient Ayurvedic Knowledge Meets Modern-Day Science
  • No Artificial Binders or Fillers
  • No Synthetic Fragrances or Colours
  • No Nasty Chemicals
  • No Animal Derivatives
  • No Animal Cruelty
  • No Palm & Mineral Oils
  • Toxin-Free
  • Plastic-Free

That’s what makes her business different.

And the customer feedback backs this up too:

SUPER HEMP SALVE Phi Zi “My partner has had eczema for close to 30 years and he has tried prescription medication, over the counter medication and herbal treatments with few results. Omni’s Super Hemp Salve has been THE ONLY treatment that has been able to control and relieve eczema. He swears by it and is so happy we found Omni and their products. Definitely try it as we highly recommend it”

Bridget Mazzella “I think God led me to Omni… I stumbled across this on a random trip to Richmond markets and started talking with Cory, son of owner Ro and he was deeply passionate about the products they make and how they can support my lifestyle and HOW they helped him back to health. Then Cory introduced me to Ro, who has been absolutely wonderful on my health and healing journey thus far. The products are soothing, clean and you just know that you are doing wonderful things for your body internally and externally by using them. Ro has also provided me with additional support whenever I have needed it and is only a text away. Thank you, Omni!”

Customers describe Omni Health Sources as Pure, Ethical and Sustainable.

Melissa Simpson: “After trying so many “natural” products over the years, I have finally found a truly natural, organic skincare range that provides absolute nourishment to my skin! Immediately, I could smell and feel the difference and shortly afterwards I began seeing the benefits of using such a wholesome, high-quality range of products. Bye-bye rough, red, dry skin and welcome clear, glowing skin that no longer requires foundation on a daily basis. Not only are these products healing, enriching and packed with pure ingredients, they are ethically sourced and packaged in a way that is safe for our skin, body and the environment. Thank you Omni Health Source for coming into my life :-)”

Their products are handcrafted by the Omni Team themselves, made using only the purest ingredients to provide relief for those suffering with chronic skin & pain conditions. They are also ideal for helping rebalance all skin types, from oily to dry skin and everything in-between.

Rohini can’t wait to move from the start-up phase of business and grow this business to its full potential, helping so many people along the way.

At age 58, Rohini has founded the business late in life but hopes to leave the legacy behind for her sons to follow.  Her sons actively work alongside her and learn all aspects of the business, especially the making of their pure products.

The vision for the future is, and always has been, to continue making natural and organic products that can positively impact lives.

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