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Meet Tracey Blanch from Rainbows and Fairies – The home of all things quirky and fun to wear

The home of all things quirky and fun to wear – that’s Rainbows and Fairies!

Tracey Blanch has been running Rainbows and Fairies for about 6 years now from the Central Coast of NSW.

She loves the country vibe of living and working on the Central Coast.  “You get a bit of everything,” says Trace.

The sense of community, the natural backdrop, the chance to enjoy life – it’s all here living and working on the Central Coast, says Trace.

Having a son with multiple disabilities, the lifestyle of the Central Coast suits both her family and her business and is grateful to have made their home here.

Rainbows and Fairies sells clothing (for both men and women), footwear including boots, jewellery, wallets and bags.  Not just any old clothes, footwear or bags – but the ones that make a statement about you and your personality!

The biggest seller is the Dorothy Red Glitter Mary Janes.  Because who doesn’t want a pair of shoes that make a statement like that?  Like Dorothy?Rainbows and Fairies Tracey Blanch Central Coast NSW

Her customers often say how they “can’t have a bad day” whilst wearing her products!  Such as flamingo dresses and Dorothy red shoes!

Tracey, the founder, is the creative madness that is Rainbows and Fairies.  She lovingly designs all the patterns and templates, here in Australia, to create all the Rainbow and Fairies products.

She loves to add that “touch of nostalgic whimsy” to her products that make your soul sing!

Tracey loves being a small business owner.  It makes her quirky soul sing every time a customer purchases something and brings her so much joy when she sees the joy her creations give to their new owners.

Rainbow and Fairies might be all about having something fun and quirky to wear, but really it’s all about joy.  We all need a little more joy in our life.

Tracey and her husband have worked really hard to build the Rainbow and Fairies brand and the future is as exciting, and as covered in glitter, as the past!

They have started selling other brands and a few years ago made the leap into being an independent boutique clothing and shoe label.

Rainbows and Fairies Tracey Blanch Central Coast NSWAttending markets, events and festivals around Sydney and the Central Coast – the goal is to spread the joy as much as possible!

Otherwise, the business goal is to keep adding additional stockists who love glitter and all things quirky as much as they do!  That’s the big dream.

But Tracey looks like to grabbing any new opportunities that come their way in 2022 and beyond.

You can check out all the products from Rainbows and Fairies on Spend With Us here:

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