24 kg RAW 100% Australian honey – BULK BUY


100% Australian RAW honey in bulk. FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE! Buy straight from the beekeeper and support small business. 

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Indulge in the best honey the world has to offer. Get your 100% Australian 24 kg RAW honey straight from the beekeeper. At Hampson Honey, we travel
across Australia to find the best natural bushlands to put our bees. From the foothills of Mount Glorious in Queensland to the great Australian outback, our
honey is sourced using only the most suitable sites to keep our bees. Our motto at Hampson Honey is to keep the bees healthy and happy so that they produce the
best quality honey for us. We select only the best sites to keep our beehives so we can ensure we eliminate exposure to pesticides and herbicides. We treat
our bees with the love and respect they deserve and by looking after our bees, they look after us in return. The result: The most delicious, pure, raw honey
you will ever taste.

Our delicious raw honey is made by the bees the way nature intended – with nothing added. We sell only premium A-grade honey varieties. Our
honey is free from any additives or preservatives because we believe you can’t improve on what nature gives you.

Hampson Honey is a family owned and operated Australian business that produces and packs its own 100% Australian honey since 2009. Hampson Honey
is also HACCP certified so we ensure a quality product from start to finish. Support our small Australian business by buying from us directly. Thank you for your

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