Balloon Covers


This might look like a ball made out of fabric, but it is in fact a cover for a balloon … yup, that’s right, add a balloon (you could even weight it with a little bit of sand) and hey presto … you have a lightweight ball that you could use with your littles indoor or out. 

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You can pop the balloon inside the cover, blow it up, then tuck the end inside and close with the velcro fastener. Using this allows you to pop the balloon inside the cover, and then dispose of it thoughtfully – no more balloons escaping at the beach!! 

You can put quite a bit of pressure on the ball before the balloon pops (yes, I’ve tried!) and the noise was muffled so less of a startle effect for kids and animals. Perfect for babies and toddlers.

Includes a few balloons, and comes in a range of fabrics – dinosaurs, firemen, unicorns, flowers, bunnies, Peppa Pig, and more.

Contact Made in Lismore if you have questions, or send an email here. 


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