Metal birdbath with 550mm handspun copper dish


A tall three-legged birdbath with 550mm handspun copper dish standing 880mm tall x 720mm wide base

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Providing a safe place for birds to have a drink and a splash is such an easy and enjoyable way to encourage local birdlife to your garden. This birdbath will soon become a favourite feature of your garden.

Each of our birdbaths are one-off, unique pieces. So that means once it is sold, it is gone. We may have other designs available via Since Roger doesn’t use any templates or jigs each design is the product of his creativity and materials on hand at the time. He often jokes he couldn’t duplicate a birdbath design even if he tried!

This birdbath is approx 880mm high and 720mm wide. 

The baths are made from Australian steel and are nice and sturdy.  They are going to be the antiques of the future 😉

Each copper dish is handspun – metal spinning by hand is a dying art so you are getting a truly special piece of handmade artistry. We often get asked if using a metal dish makes the water too hot for birds. The simple answer is no. Actually the dish provides a level of insulation that keeps the water cooler.

Other benefits of using a copper dish:

  • Reduces mosquito larvae and algae production
  • Won’t crack in frost
  • No risk of metal poisoning for birds
  • Won’t rust out
  • Develops stunning green patina

Dimensions: Approx. 880mm high x 720mm wide with 550mm diameter dish.

Postage & Handling: Included. 

Please note: all our pieces are handcrafted and rusted via the natural elements and therefore unique. There will be slight variations in size/colour from those listed or shown.


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