Brazen Imposter – Dandelion & Chicory – Retail Pack


The perfect (virtuous) coffee substitute – not only is it rich, dark and delicious, but it’s a mighty weapon against inflammation and high blood sugars, and is known to be great for gut health and weight loss!

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If we’re being honest with ourselves, sometimes coffee likes us a whole lot less than we like it. Less, even, than we like our GPs when they advise cutting back! If our adrenals are overtaxed & we are stressed to the eyeballs, coffee is our worst enemy wearing the disguise of our best friend. But help is on the way! This Brazen Imposter will sweep you off your feet and into its loving arms! Rich, dark, strong & earthy, it’s everything we want in our – coffee, of course! Kinder than coffee, it’ll help reduce inflammation & blood sugar levels, boost kidney & liver function, can help digestion & even has a clever little prebiotic, inulin, which aids weight loss & gut health! Boom! What are you waiting for? 

Health Benefits 

Chicory & Dandelion offer a variety of vitamins & trace elements & each has high levels of a clever little prebiotic known as inulin, which helps the gut build a healthy microbiome and create important chemicals to keep us healthy. They are rich in polyphenols & beta-carotene, offering protection against inflammation, cellular damage & oxidative stress. Promising studies indicate an improved insulin sensitivity & a reduction in blood sugar levels, making it a good choice for those with diabetes. Rich, dark & delicious – all the taste of coffee but with a bucket load more health benefits! 

 Serving Size 2g 

For tea, simply pop a rounded teaspoon in a pot or cup strainer & pour boiling water on top. Allow to brew for a few minutes then enjoy. For a latte, add a rounded teaspoon to a mug of your favourite milk & warm gently on the stove. It’s a great idea to ‘bullet proof’ it by adding either some coconut oil (1/2 tsp) or a slug of organic cream to the mix, as fat improves the body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins & minerals. Honey or maple syrup can be added to taste if required. You can also have your barista make this -? let Brazen Imposter steep in a little hot water for a minute or so, then add the milk, plus your cream or coconut oil & steam. Strain & serve. 

 Organic Dandelion [Morocco], Organic Chicory [Italy]

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