Buckingham Brew English Breakfast Retail Pack


Hauling yourself out of bed just got a whole lot easier – kick off your morning with our bold, robust & full bodied British “Buckingham Brew”. The only thing that will make it even better is having someone make it for you!

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The alarm has gone & there is simply no arguing or complaining to be done! Get that stiff upper lip in order & march yourself out to the kitchen for a proper British boot out of bed with this classic English Breakfast tea. Buckingham Brew is bold, robust & full bodied – an organic orange pekoe that makes a cuppa gutsy enough to handle a generous slug of milk (& even a shot of sugar if you’re that way inclined!). Full of antioxidants, & guaranteed to gird your loins & get your grey matter ticking & primed for the day. Tally ho!!!!  

Health Benefits

Full of beneficial antioxidants, studies have shown a positive impact of black tea on our blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improving ‘good’ cholesterol levels and reducing ‘bad’. Some really interesting studies have shown that when served with lemon, the antioxidant level improves even more, while it is slightly lowered by adding milk. BUT, adding HIGH fat milk is better than adding LOW fat milk. English breakfast tea offers nutrients like vitamin B, which is essential for red blood cell creation, as well as phosphorus & magnesium, which are crucial for strong bones. So much more than a simple cup of tea! 

Serving Size 3g 

Place a generous teaspoon in a warmed pot or your cup strainer. Pour over some freshly boiled water and allow to brew for 3-5 minutes. Add milk, sugar or lemon to taste, return to bed (or sit somewhere peaceful) and enjoy. This tea is also gutsy enough to serve alongside a classic big breakfast fry up – eggs, bacon, tomatoes, avo – the choices are endless. 

Organic whole Orange Pekoe [Sri Lanka]

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