Calcium Supplement Pack for Poultry – DELIVERED


Pack Includes:

1 x Retangular Coop Cup

1 x 700gram Shell-Grit

Delivery anywhere Australia Wide

Are your chooks laying soft or no shells? Or are they eating their own eggs?

They may be lacking in calcium. Calcium is a highly important supplement to all chickens.  Chooks are very clever at knowing when and how much they require, so this should always be available.

Shell-Grit assists with calcium deficiency and soft egg shells (thin shell or no shell), as well as assists preventing chickens attacking their own eggs to obtain calcium.

Place a small amount in a seperate dish for you chickens to eat from.  The coop cup in this pack make this so easy. They can attach to any wire fencing or coop and keep the calci-grit clean, off the ground and at an easy level for your chooks to access.

Ensure that water is always available.

Fine-Med sized grit.

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