Chocolicious Sprinkles



Chocolicious Sprinkles are chocolate shavings from handcrafting our Bush Food Chocolate, bagged into a 40g zip-sealed Stand-Up Pouch.

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Our Chocolicious Sprinkles are the chocolate shavings from hand-cutting our Bush Food Chocolate® flavours. So ALL our Bush Food chocolate; fruits and nuts are in our Chocolious Sprinkles!! Packaged into a small, stand-up pouch.

White, Milk & Dark Chocolate (28-56.8% Cocoa Solids) – Garal (Wattleseed) – Ooray (Davidson’s Plum) – Daalgaal (Illawarra Plum) – Boombera (Macadamia Nut) – Quandong (Wild Peach) – Riberry (LillyPilly) – Wyrrung (Wild Rosella) – Mourao (Native Pepperberry) – Dooja (Rainforest Lime)

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3.5 × 13 cm