Christmas Pudding Teapot


Ceramic Teapot featuring hand-sculpted and painted polymer clay decoration

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Delicious, quirky, fun, ceramic teapot that features polymer clay decoration. The hand-sculpted and painted holly sprigs and cream sit atop the brown teapot, having the overall appearance of a Christmas Pudding! Would make a real talking point at a special Christmas event, High Tea, tea with dessert, or simply at morning or afternoon cuppa time! This teapot would make a wonderful gift for a Bridal Shower, Birthday, Mothers Day, Christmas, for a teapot collector, tea drinker or for your best friend. The teapot will hold approximately 3-4 cups, is fully functional, and can be gently hand-washed. However, because it has hand-sculpted elements, it is not suitable for dishwasher or microwave.


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