Cube Air Planters


The Cube air planters series, so cute.


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Coopers Farms Air Planters Collection – The Cube Series is handcrafted using storm-felled timber from our farm. It adds a modern flair and brightens up your office, home or classroom. Can either be placed on the desks, bookshelves, wall shelves, coffee table or on the windowsill. Coated with premium oil that gives lustrous protective finished making them weather resistant and durable. The length of Stainless Steel Wire Stand will add height and depth to your desk and make it a perfect vessel for the delicate yet hardy Tillandsia air plant variety.  Your air plant will easily fit in the hole or end coiled, so there’s no need for it to be glued in place. This makes it easy to take care of. Either mist every 2 days or just pull your air plant out for a short time soaking (5 mins) once a week for those with a busy lifestyle.  Make sure to place them where they will receive indirect light or fluorescent lighting either in your home or office and you are good to go.

These make wonderful gifts for friends, family or co-workers.

 Due to the nature of wood itself, no 2 pieces are identical.  Woodgrain isn’t always straight and even, sometimes grow in unusual patterns, many which strikingly beautiful.  The variations in the grains, knots, cracks and voids make each piece an original of art itself.

Air plant is not provided.

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Single with hole, Single with 13.5cm SS Stand, Single with 22.5cm SS Stand, Choice of 3 Cube


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