Dark Chocolate with Wild Rosella (Wyrrung) & Native Pepperberry (Mourao)



Chocolate with Wild Rosella (Wyrrung) & Native Pepperberry (Mourao),
cut into pieces and bagged into a 100g zip-sealed Stand-Up Pouch.

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Chocolate (54.5% Cocoa Solids); Wild Rosella (Wyrrung); Native
Pepperberry; Sugar; Cocoa Butter; Soya Lecithin (emulsifier); Natural
Vanilla Flavouring

(Pepperberry); Soy Proteins; Soy Oil; Cocoa; Vanillin; Caffein;
Saccharose; Fructose; Manufactured in a facility using Tree Nuts in
other products.


Rosella (Wyrrung) has a long history of traditional use as a tisane tea
and for a number of chronic conditions, including hypertension.

Pepperberry (Mourao) is found in Aboriginal cuisine as a flavour
enhancer. Aborigines suffering from sore gums and tooth aches often
crushed the berries with water to make a paste and applied the paste to
treat the infection. Mourao was also used to promote blood circulation
and in treatment of skin, colic and stomach ache.


Rosella (Wyrrung) is shown to help lower & maintain blood pressure.
Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood lipid levels. Prevents LDL
oxidation. High in Vitamin C it assists with improving coughs &
colds due to its antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

Pepperberry (Mourao) is anti-inflammatory due to compound Polygodial.
Beneficial for arthritis. Protects stomach lining. Has anti-pain
activity. Anti-asthmatic. Helps slow absorption of glucose in the
stomach. High antioxidant capacity. It even outshines the world-renowned
blueberry in this regard! Antioxidants have been linked to preventing
or delaying cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, autoimmune and
cardiovascular issues. Both the leaf and the berry contains vitamin E,
lutein (a compound that plays an important role in eye and general
wellbeing), zinc, magnesium, and calcium. The berry contains the
compound polygodial, which can be used as an anti-inflammatory for
issues such as arthritis, asthma and assisting with gut irritability
.The polygodial properties protect the stomach lining from pathogens and
inflammatory markers. The berries and leaf are also used to assist in
the slow absorption of glucose from the stomach, allowing stabilization
of blood sugar levels.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 17 cm


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