Death Sticks Beef Jerky


Are you BRAVE ENOUGH, well if so this product is for you.

Made with Aussie beef, using chili powder( Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper), Chilli Extract 10%, rated 6 milliion SHU, Capsicum Crystal 10%, 16 million SHU.


Should not be consumed by children, or if you have some medical conditions.

It does come with a WARNING

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Death Sticks Beef Jerky a.k.a. Weaponised Beef.

Death Sticks are sinisterly made with 2 different kinds of chilli extract the first rated at 6 Million SHUs and the second at 16 Million SHUs plus to top it all off there is a Carolina Reaper and Ghost Pepper chilli powder seasoning.

Are you game enough to take the challenge?

WARNING CONTAINS CHILLI EXTRACT This product should not be consumed if you:
– are under 18
– are pregnant
– have existing heart problems
– can’t handle extreme heat – have asthma
– have skin allergies or digestive sensitivities

Consume responsibly and keep out of reach of children.


Heat Rating Way more than 5 out of 5 ChilliBOMs
Chilli Carolina ReaperBhut Jolokia, Extract
Origin Brisbane, NSW
Size 40g
Ingredients Australia Beef, soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, salt, pepper, spices, Chilli powder (Carolina Reaper, Ghost pepper), Capsaicin Oleoresin (Chilli extract rated 6 Million SHU, 10%) (Capsaicin Crystal 16 Million SHU, 10%), Chilli extract

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Weight .25 kg


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