Den Of Nargun Finally Flowing | Canvas or Framed Artwork | Australian Photography


Den Of Nargun Finally Flowing | Canvas or Framed Artwork | Australian Photography | East Gippsland | Mitchell River National Park

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After 3 days of rain, the Den Of Nargun falls were flowing beautifully, a sight I had never seen in 10+ years of living in East Gippsland.

Three days of heavy rain from the East (“Rain from the East, 3 days at least”) made for a bit of cabin fever for the whole family, especially with little kids. So we packed up a picnic and off we went on a family adventure to Den of Nargun. The 2019-20 bushfires were further to the East of Glenaladale so we assumed that we’d be ‘good to go’. We got there, couldn’t see any signs and other people were coming up as we were starting down, so off we went. A few other people made the trek down after us too, it was nice to be out of the house again, especially while the weather was wet and was washing the smoke and ash out of the sky! The air smelled fresh again, at least for now. 

After getting overly excited by the falls actually flowing, and taking a video too, I set up the camera and tripod and snapped a few long exposures of the waterfalls. This allowed me to capture the rocks and vegetation in detail while blurring the movement of the water to create this dreamy landscape. I was so excited by these photos that I posted one to my Facebook business page straight away and it was shared over 50 times as well as loads of tags, comments and likes. I was feeling pretty happy with myself … and then I got a phone call from a gentleman from Parks Victoria. I first thought that they wanted to use my photo or something because they asked a lot of questions about when it was captured, etc and then proceeded to tell me that the park was actually closed at the time and that there were signs everywhere. Apparently someone had taken it upon themselves to remove the signs before we got there. I gave them the heads up about the signs and updated my post to let people know that the park was actually closed. My ‘cloud 9’ came crashing down quite quickly to say the least!!

So, from my brush with the law, I bring you my favourite photo of the Den Of Nargun in full flow. 

Available in 4 sizes, canvas or framed artworks, delivered to you ready to hang on your wall. Custom printed at the time of order so please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for it to arrive.


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