DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters Craft Kit


Craft kits with a twist! A more grown up option, but they’d be
perfect for the kids as long as there’s supervision – alcohol inks
can be messy!

If you want to try a new craft project without having to spend hours
researching, buying products that you might or might not use later, not
to mention working out the how, what, where and when, this will be for
you. This kit has all the things you need to make a set of 2 coasters.
Add some bubbles, and have a girls day in, for a birthday party, hen’s
night, any occasion!

You can order a customised kit if you have something specific in
mind, eg a specific colour set, or need kits that are suitable for
multiple crafters – contact me to discuss.

Colour options:

  • Beachy Blues: Baja Blue, Teal, Silver (currently sold out. Please pre-order)
  • Sunrise Reds: Santa Fe Red, Tangerine, Rich Gold
  • Earth Tones:  Meadow, Willow, Caramel

Optional Extras for your Kit

Isopropyl ($10, supplied separately)
Spray Sealer ($25-$30 price confirmed on delivery)

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PRE ORDERS open – pending delivery of the last few items. Expect delivery within 2-3 weeks, or earlier if possible.

This kit has all the things you need to make a set of 2 coasters –
these ones have an aluminium base coaster, but these could be swapped
out for tile or acrylic bases. Add some bubbles, and have a girls day
in, for a birthday party, hen’s night, any occasion!

What’s in the Kit:

  • 3 x Pinata or Ranger alcohol inks depending on colours chosen
  • 1 x Pinata Extender
  • 2 x aluminium, tlle or acrylic bases
  • 1 x cork backing sufficient for 2 tiles. The cork isn’t necessary for aluminium or acrylic coasters.
  • 1 x Storage box. You can use this to catch drips and keep your
    coasters safely while they’re drying, and store your inks etc safely.
  • 2 x pairs of gloves
  • 2 x bendy straws. Yes, I know they’re plastic but they do work the best in the absence of a paper alternative.
  • 1 x baby wipes. The best thing to clean sticky hands!
  • 6 x small cups to use to lift your coasters off your work area
  • 1 x rubbish bag
  • 1 x paint-on sealer/varnish
  • 1 x paint brush for sealer
  • 1 x Yupo paper (more about this in the instructions!)
  • Easy to follow instructions, but fuller information and pics will be online


You can have these included in your kit, or you can purchase them
yourself. Even though you don’t have to have them, I can pretty much
guarantee you will use them! For both of these, tick the box as you
order, and they will be supplied separately to be paid for on

  • 100% Isopropyl alcohol and needle tip bottle ($10)
  • Gloss or matt spray sealer (or I can do this for you if you’re local) (approx $25-$30, but confirmed on delivery)
  • Gold or colour acrylic paint pen. Completely optional but you can
    use these to finish off the edges of your coasters. I love the Krylon
    metallic pens, and you can find a good range of other brands, eg Posca
    pens, locally at Crethars in Magellan Street. There certainly are a
    multitude of brands with very different results. Let me know if you’d
    like to test or get advice if you want to use these.


I’ll be running workshops when it’s do-able (after lockdown) but in
the meantime, you can book a one-on-one time via Zoom. This is charged
at an hourly rate so if a group of 4 are all wanting to create, the cost
can be shared! This can also be taken in half hour blocks.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 6 cm

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