Eggs for Fire Affected Businesses – 30 Dozen


Buy free range, pastured eggs from our farm and we’ll gift them to our 35 stockists who have ALL been directly or indirectly affected by bushfires this summer.

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Hi! We are Tom & Joscelin McMillan and in September 2019 we bought Bega Valley Eggs. On two leased farms at Bemboka & Quaama, NSW we run our lucky hens, using rotational grazing to regenerate the soil and deliver the tastiest eggs possible!


On New Year’s Eve 2020, both farms were burned as two separate bushfires swept through the Bega Valley. Most of our beautiful hens were saved at the time of the fire but two thirds of our flock were lost in the days following. The grading room and equipment in Quaama were miraculously spared, but without power and access to water we were unable to continue to grade and process our remaining eggs, which means we were without income.


With just four months of operation under our belt and after investing in a new flock of chooks to see us through the busy summer season, we were banking on the summer trade to pay for the completion of our grading room at Bemboka and to secure vital farm infrastructure. 


We proudly have 35 stockists on the South Coast, and EVERY business we supply will be affected by the fires this season in some way, and possibly for months and years to come as a result of the devastating bushfires.  View a list of our stockists on our website

Please help us AND our community by supporting our fundraiser.


Here’s how it works:


Your kind donation, made by way of purchasing eggs, is split in two parts.


PART 1 – 50% is donated to our Fire Fund, where you/we gift our stockists the eggs they would normally purchase from us, for free. They can then sell them to their customers or in their cafes & restaurants and make an income from your donation.


PART 2 – The other 50% of your donation helps us to fund and build our new grading room and infrastructure on our farm at Bemboka and keep the wheels turning in our operation.


Bega Valley Eggs is community-minded and in the past have supported organisations like the Sapphire Community Pantry. By donating and helping us fund our grading room, you’ll also be helping us be able to give back to our local community via charities.


Every dollar donated and every share of our fundraiser helps make a appositive difference to us and our community. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!!

Tom & Jos


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