Emotion Sensory Dough Stamps


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Children love the open, inviting play that comes from using sensory dough– a naturally mindful activity. Incorporating their feelings and self-awareness makes this the ultimate emotional toolkit for little minds.



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We all know how hard children find it to communicate their feelings. Often they become overwhelmed with their emotions and this ends up in that all-familiar meltdown!

Our set of 6 emotion sensory dough stamps are designed to create conversations with our little ones that it is ok to experience their emotions and ways they can help themselves to get through them. Creating open, inviting play using sensory dough is a naturally mindful activity children love and being able to incorporate learning about themselves and their feelings is an absolute win.

Set includes:

Happy face

Sad face

Angry face

Tired face

Calm/content face

Scared/anxious face

Cotton bag (can be personalised with a name)

Hand made locally. Non-toxic, suitable for ages 2+ under adult supervision. Small parts may cause choking hazard.


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