Gluten Free Pantry Pack


Our Essential Gluten Free Pantry Pack is the ideal introduction to our gluten free popcorn flour. You will taste real food, without any xantham or guar gums, no numbers or soy. Our products are all natural and simple to make – the mixes are fail proof!

Included is our Essential Cake Mix – either add cocoa for chocolate, vanilla or almond essence for delicious flavour, or fruit – you determine what flavour you would like to add, split the mix and make 2 flavoured cakes – make cupcakes and freeze them for a daily treat keeping them fresh each time.

You also get our Essential Chocolate Crunch Slice which is made from cocoa and coconut. This is a brilliant slice you can enjoy or as a base for cheesecakes and other slices etc.  Enjoy as it comes or smother with melted chocolate, berries or extra coconut.

You will get our Essential Pancake Mix and get to enjoy soft, thick, fluffy and smooth pancakes again! These are absolutely delicious and super healthy and very much like a wheat pancake!

Once you experience with our cake mixes and have confidence in what they produce, you can experiment with your own recipes and substitute the flour with our own popcorn flour. You will receive our 2 pre-measured cups of baking flour ready for use. Make your own cake, biscuit, pancake, pudding or slice recipe. If it calls for a cup of flour, simply use one of our cups of flour and make away! 

You will love our products guaranteed!

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Pack contains;

1 Cake Mix

1 Chocolate Coconut Slice

1 Pancake Mix

1 Baking Flour Pack – 2 pre-measured cups ready to bake

Shipping included


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