Basil and Activated Charcoal Goat Milk Soap


Basil and Activated Charcoal Goats Milk soap is handmade made from all natural oils and butters and with the added benefit of Goats Milk. For a creamy texture and a bubbly lather that is moisturising and cleansing. With only pure Basil oil, activated charcoal and soap safe colour, it as natural as possible for those that have allergies and skin sensitivities. 

Basil oil – removes dirt and oil with out over-drying, making it the perfect soap for blemish prone skin.  Also great for shaving.

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Our luxury handmade Basil and Activate Charcoal goat milk soap contains pure basil oil, activated charcoal and soap safe colour.  The luxurious ingredients make the perfect bar.  Each large bar weighs between 130-140 grams.

This is a cold process soap that has been completely mixed and poured by hand.  This means that every batch and single bar will be unique.  Each soap is hand cut and once cured is labelled.

Tip:  Place your handmade soaps on a soap holder between uses, away from the water stream or splashes of the shower.  This will allow them to dry out and helps them last longer.  Get the most use our of your soap – soggy soap just melts away.

Postage:  It is more economical when ordering to purchase more than one bar or product.

Thank you for supporting my little handmade artisan soap business.


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