Hormone Harmony Balms


Loving handcrafted to assist in balancing female hormones & emotions, & to ease PMS,  menstrual, & menopausal associated discomfort.

Contains beeswax, sweet almond oil infused with raspberry leaf*, evening primrose oil*, vitamin E oil, & peppermint, clary sage, geranium, & thyme essential oils. (*organic ingredients)

  • Balance female hormones

  • Ease PMS, menstrual discomfort, mood swings, & cramping

  • Ease menopausal symptoms

  • Boost female reproductive health

  • Moisturising & calming

  • Balances emotions

May be applied to all areas of the body as the balm is extremely moisturising, or focused on the abdominal area to maximise results with menstrual symptoms. The therapeutic herbs and oils in the balm will be readily absorbed through the skin and quickly enter the bloodstream to begin working their magic. Daily use is recommended to provide the most benefit.

All of our products are individually handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, & as a result, some variance between products & remnants of herbal infusions may occur.


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What’s in our Hormone Harmony Balm?

*Beeswax locks in moisture & may help keep the skin firm & plump. The anti-allergenic & anti-inflammatory properties soothe easily irritated skin. Contains a natural, powerful protective substance called propolis, which shields beeswax from ever spoiling.

*Sweet almond oil can rejuvenate superficial skin burns, boost collagen production, keep skin hydrated & supple, & protects skin against potential damage caused by UV radiation. Relieve skin rashes, & varicose, & spider veins with circulation boosting properties.

*Organic raspberry leaf has been used for many herbal remedies throughout history, & still offers a number of health benefits today. For more than 400 years, natural healers have been using the leaves of this plant to aid women’s reproductive health, boost the immune system, ease menstrual discomfort, as well as ease symptoms such as mood swings & cramping.

*Organic evening primrose oil: a versatile plant with many medicinal & therapeutic uses. The seed contains a variety of amino acids including lysine, glutamic acid & serine. May be helpful for premenstrual syndrome, hormone imbalance, rheumatoid arthritis, & dermatitis. A natural skin softener which restores brittle hair & nails to good health.

*Vitamin E oil is a natural preservative which contains antioxidants that neutralise free radicals, thus reducing free radical damage. It is widely claimed to help speed healing, reduce scarring & slow the aging process of cells.

*Peppermint essential oil has the active ingredients of menthol & menthone, which are known to reduce pain, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, clear nasal passageways, & relieve congestion due to its stimulant properties invigorate & energise. Its cooling & warming sensation when applied to skin, it can be an effective natural anaesthetic leaving the skin numb to pain & reducing inflammation.

*Geranium essential oil works as an anti-inflammatory & antiseptic agent. It is reputed to enhance circulation, soothe symptoms of menstruation & menopause, reduce pain, & boost immunity. Used widely to enhance concentration, improve cognitive function, & balance emotions as well as hormones.

*Clary Sage essential oil has anti-convulsive, anti-depressant, anti-fungal, antiseptic, & anti-inflammatory properties. It contains an important ester called linalyl acetate, which helps in the reduction of skin inflammation, regulates skin oil production, helps to relieve rashes, aids digestion, & relieves the symptoms of cramping, bloating & abdominal discomfort.

*Thyme essential oil exerts potent anti-microbial properties as well as being known to have anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effects that may be useful in treating everything from intestinal infections to skin conditions. The plant contains thymol, a phenol that is known to control or neutralize certain bacterial, viral, fungal & parasitic infections. Touted as a natural treatment for conditions including acne, arthritis, bronchitis, menstrual cramps, & premenstrual syndrome.

For external use only, keep out of eyes.

All of our products are individually handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, & as a result, some variance between products & remnants of herbal infusions may occur.

Together with our recyclable or biodegradable packaging, our products are a healthy choice for you, your family & our planet.

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