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Viking Drinking Horn 50ml including postage within Australia

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more Viking Drinking Horns highly polished & Sound horns

from 50ml up to 4.5 Litres


naturally grown cow horn from the species ‘Bos primigenius Taurus’ = ordinary house cow
By-product of meat and leather industries, now given another beautiful purpose instead of being thrown away. If the cattle knew, how beautiful their horns look they would go into beauty contests.

  • highly-polished
  • inside coated with food-grade resin (sealed), ready to drink out of, no waxing or bleach required, no unpleasant smell or odour
  • for use with cold beverages, red cordial (food colouring) can leave horn stained red inside
  • no connection to the central nervous system, therefore no danger of BSE (Mad Cow Disease)
  • can be used for medieval re-enactment, display or as a natural drink container instead of a plastic bottle
  • also used as fox hunting muzzle loading powder horns

    Please contact us for special orders or bulk orders to get the correct postage.
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