iPad/Tablets, iPhone/Smartphone & Apple Watch Station complete with ‘Stuff’ Tray


All in one beautifully handcrafted bedside station tray to place your ‘stuff’ such as reading glasses, handphone, Apple watch or an eye drops (just like my other half) within your reach.


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Coopers FarmS Block Series – Using storm-felled Camphor Laurel timber from our farm, Gary carefully handcrafted this special ‘tray’.  It is very close to our hearts as we’ve been looking to buy something to put/charge our ‘techno-gadgets’ and other ‘small stuff’ that can be used everywhere including the bedroom as well as an office without looking out of place. And we created this – ‘Stuff Tray’ is perfect not just keeping stuff in one place but with special slot for iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone and Apple Watch.  Ideal for both as bedside ‘Stuff’ tray and office. The charges slot is compatible with all Apple Watch series. Another way for you to bring sustainability and eco-friendly living into your home and office.

A perfect gift for everyone. 

Due to the nature of wood itself, no 2 pieces are the same as woodgrain isn’t always straight and even, sometimes grow in unusual patterns, many which are strikingly beautiful. 

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Plain, Engraving


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