Jeweller’s Soldering Equipment


 ‘All in One Soldering Torch’
The German Micro Welding torches are designed for professional jewellery manufacture and repair, dental laboratories, optical and electronic industries, hobby, craft, plumbing, refrigeration industry & glasswork.
The Micro Welding Torch features an extremely precise flame with fine control.
The handheld blowpipe can be used with all types of fuel gases: LPG, Propane, Butane, MAPP / Razor gas, Acetylene or Hydrogen in combination with Oxygen.
Due to its construction and the use of high pressure hoses, it accepts oxygen pressures from 80 KPa up to 400KPa and can produce high temperatures e.g. reaches about 2600°C, when used with oxygen & LP Gas. It is very reliable, easy to use  and offers remarkable Longevity of well-known German quality workmanship.
Great for demanding application, delicate soldering (re-tipping prongs), heavy silver work, welding and melting.
designed for easy and quick tip change without spanner – just push on.
1 Micro welding jeweller’s torch hand piece and
2 metres of 2 different colour coded high-pressure hoses
blue for oxygen and red for fuel gas

12 steel tips Nozzles sizes 18-26
1 separate large screw-on gooseneck with 3 screw on tips for heavy work and melting.

including Registered Mail postage within Australia

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Regulators & Flash Back Arrestors can be ordered separately by contacting us and will be dispatched directly ex-factory in Melbourne from our regulator supplier 
Prices: $130 each Regulator (Oxy & LPG)
$75 each Flash Back Arrestor (Oxy & LPG)
= Total $410 in addition to the torch
 + extra cost for freight
One year full warranty
Never Mix  different fuel gas types, use either LP Gas or Acetylene
6 copper tips for Acetylene  (as shown in photo) sizes 0.3 -1.0 can be ordered on demand

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Micro Welding Torch Advantages & Safety features:
2 Goose necks with rubber seals.
durable and flexible High-pressure hoses allow for variable Oxygen pressure 80 KPa – 400 KPa (offering higher temperatures) with 5/8-18 UNF connections to fit onto flashback arrestors
Easy tip change, no tools required, simply push on, without spanner,
only to change brass tips on large goose neck, a spanner is required..
Easy Change to second goose neck (for use of 3 bigger rosebud brass tips of 12mm length for melting and heavy duty work)

Very precise, accurate and steady flame, perfect for soldering on delicate spots as well as large areas and melting.
 The Micro Welding Torch can be used over long time periods with minimal hand fatigue due to the comfortable size and weight.

Twelve tips in different sizes offer flames from accurate pinpoint to hissing for high heat & fast melting jobs. More info on our website:


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