Phoenix Airwaves Kindness Coin – Follow It Forever


Make a difference….with KIND COINS

Create a ripple of kindness and watch it grow, by doing a kind deed for someone and leaving a Kind Coin along with it.  Each coin’s journey is tracked on its own dedicated web page, enabling you to follow its travels and read about the kindness that it has bestowed on those whose path it has come across.
  • 3.8 centimeters
  • Antique Gold Metal
  • Unique tracking code
  • Online dedicated story page
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide

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You could be the owner of a Kind Coin

1 – Buy A Kind Coin

Perhaps it’s for yourself, or a gift or been awarded it as a result of something amazing you have done or achieved. Make sure to note down the coin’s unique tracking code on the back, so that you can follow its journey in the future. If you have received the coin along with a kind deed, tell us about your experience by going to “Share Your Coin Story”. What was the kind deed & how did it impact your day in a positive way? Let
your “doer-of-kind-deeds” know how much it meant.

2 – Enjoy the “feel good” moment

Carry the coin with you and look for an opportunity to brighten someone’s day by performing an act of kindness for a friend, family
member, work colleague or complete stranger. Pass the coin on with your good deed, setting it on its way to spread kindness throughout the

3 – Inspire Others

Share your story on our website, of how your coin was used to spread kindness. Go to “Share Your Story” at the top of this page. (You can
remain anonymous if preferred). By sharing your story, you are helping to put “good news” out into the world (there’s nothing better than a
daily dose of positivity) and contributing to a collective pool of ideas from which future coin holders may find inspiration.

4 – Watch the ripple grow

Follow where your coin has traveled and the kindness it has created. Go to “Follow a Coin” at the top of this page and enter the unique code
found on the back of your coin (numerical portion only) into the search box.


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