Letter Writing Box


A beautiful embossed Letter Writing box, designed to help you spread joy and happiness through letterwriting.

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We are thrilled to bring you these beautiful boxes, all for the love of letters. Designed to help you spread joy and happiness through connection. 

Kit includes:
– A beautiful guide demonstrating how to write the perfect letter
– 4 16x16cm Hallmark Gallery cards including designs by Australian artists
– 1 Connected AU notepad
– 1 bow pen
– Special first-release edition gold embossed box

We also wanted to tell you a little bit about our packing material as we think it is actually quite special.  What protects your beautiful purchase is the shredded envelopes from the thousands of amazing letters written and sent across the country as part of our Letter Box Project.  They have come a long way and carried with them the magic of words, and their work is not done yet – feel free to reuse them when sending parcels of your own, add them to your worm farm, chicken coup or pot plant to return them to the earth, or place them in your local recycling bin.

We are based in Dubbo, central west NSW. Our little purpose led business built in the bush is now supporting tens of thousands of people all over Australia. Our flagship program is called The Letterbox Project. It is a national pen pal program fostering connection and community, with handwritten letters being sent across Australia to people feeling isolated and disconnected.

Our Letterbox Project is the only national program with management and safety embedded. We do not share any identifiable information, and all letters are vetted by our team. Every single letter for the duration of the pen pal communication is sent through our team and approved, allowing relationships and connection to thrive while ensuring everyone in our community is safe. 

In the digital age, a handwritten letter is a beautiful reminder of the power of real connection. Something seemingly simple can have a profound and lasting impact – for both the recipient and the writer. Every letter makes a difference and we would love to have you join us. 

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