Liquid Love – Liquorice & Lavender Retail Pack


The perfect weapon in your battle with 3pm sugar cravings: sweet yet clean, totally addictive & as an added bonus, great for calming adrenal stress & aiding respiratory health.

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Love. It’s what makes the world go round, right? It’s said that we need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance, 12 for growth. If you’re feeling short changed, this divine blend may become your new secret lover… It combines the healing power of organic liquorice root (great for calming adrenal stress and aiding respiratory health with fragrant lavender [& its powerful antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties] to settle and soothe. The perfect weapon in your battle with the 3pm sugar cravings, you’ll find this tea sweet, yet clean & totally addictive…

Let Liquid Love wrap you up in its all encompassing embrace and get a little closer to your hug quota!

Health Benefits

The combination of lavender & liquorice offer support on a number of levels. Lavender has antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties & can assist indigestion & respiratory conditions. It is also deeply calming to the nervous system, & together with the liquorice offers substantial adrenal support, helping combat the negative impact of stress on our bodies. Liquorice has substantial power as an aid for gastrointestinal conditions, repairing stomach lining & boosting the immune system. One of its components, glycyrrhizic acid, is responsible for this, & the American Cancer Society are continuing studies into its potential for inhibiting tumour growth. As always, one CAN have too much of a good thing ??? while one or two cups are fine, this is not an all-day sipper as some people can find their blood pressure increases with too much liquorice, & pregnant or breastfeeding women are always advised to check with their Doctor before consuming liquorice.

Serving Size 3g

This brew can be made subtle & delicate, or strong & sweet, so choose anywhere from a scant teaspoon to two teaspoons per cup depending on your preference! In summer, make a really strong brew, pour it over ice then add lashings of tonic & a cheeky shot of gin. In the cooler months, gather your loved ones, warm a pot, add boiling water to the tea & brew for 3-5 minutes before sharing. You can easily add more hot water to the pot as you deplete it & it will keep on delivering! Group hug!!!

Organic Liquorice Root [Egypt], Organic Lavender [China]

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