Low Sugar Blueberry Sauce- 3 Jar Value Pack



Value Pack 3 Bottles

85% blueberries, Each bottle comes with nearly 3 punnets of fresh Blueberries and only only 6% added raw sugar. 

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Blueberry Greens makes there own award winning Sauce on Farm from only fruit we grow. Each jar contains nearly 3 punnets of our premium farm fresh blueberries, which equates to 85% of the Sauce. We reduced the berries for 4hrs, which gives the Sauce an intense blueberry flavour and concentrates the antioxidant powers of the blueberries. We then add only 6% raw sugar, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a vanilla bean and a stick of cinnamon, making our blueberry sauce as natural as possible. As there is such a low amount of sugar added Blueberry Greens Blueberry Sauce a healthy and delicious treat, which is even suitable for diabetics. 


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