Marble Earth Tones










Marble Earth Tones- $200.

Various Sizes ~ Handmade painting, acrylic on stretched canvas.

  ~ ‘Marble Earth Tones.’

These are a lovely land inspired painting.

Gorgeous gift for big and little persons 🙂

FREE POSTAGE on these beauties.

Comes glossed and signed 

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Multi MEDIA artist from Northern Rivers, aka @vanillawhitedragon,
exploring dark and lightness.

Garage studio, no-water workshop, dirty artistry, mixed acrylic, worn
paint, scourer exfoliator, eco-activist artist creations.

Pouring a new series every week, channelling currently wild frequencies.

To see past works and inspirations, FOLLOW @VanillaWhiteDragon – on

& please^^ SUGGEST A THEME for next weeks’ pour^^

Taking requests^^ & supporting AUSTRALIAN business.


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