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Microwave Bowl Holder


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Are you Tired of grabbing a dish towel to remove a hot bowl from the microwave or spilling because your fingers are burning?  Using a bowl cozy will eliminate all of this from happening.  Simply place bowl in cozy during reheating and grab corners to transport hot bowl.  Available in medium to hold a bowl, or large which will hold a small plate or takeaway container.  Will hold up to a pasta bowl size.  Great for soup,  noodles, oatmeal, and ice cream!

Serves as a placemat to protect table from hot bowl.  Absorbs condensation from outside of bowl.  With bowl cozy you are also able to hold hot bowl while eating.  Also great to use with a bowl of ice cream to keep your fingers and hands from getting cold.

Place bowl into cozy and place in microwave to heat contents of bowl. You can then remove the bowl without burning your fingers and hands. Please use caution when microwaving with any bowl cozy as they are not meant for long cook times, use for 2 to 3 minutes at a time. 

Handmade out of 100% high quality cotton fabric. Middle layer has a generous two layers of 100% cotton batting.  A delightful addition to your kitchen decor, a thoughtful present or a welcomed hostess gift!  Machine washable so no worries about spills!

(Bowl Not Included)

Pattern placement may vary due to the hand cut nature of this item

One additional feature is their application for storing and protecting non stick pans.

Care Instruction: Machine wash in warm water, line or air dry. Iron if desired on cotton setting.

Disclaimer: One must be careful with any fabric in the microwave; too long will burn anything! These microwave bowl holders are not fire retardant or flame proof and I do not make this claim. It is always in your best interest to strictly adhere to your microwave manufacturer’s instructions for use.

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Green, Grey, Navy


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