Mistress of Spice – Rooibos Chai Retail Pack


Like an exquisite perfume, this chai is woven from layers of complementary fragrant spices & roses on an organic rooibos base. It’s caffeine free, vegan friendly & is naturally, deliciously addictive!

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The boss has you tethered to your desk, but try as you might, your spreadsheets keep dissolving into daydreams of an exotic escape to India – yoga on a beach in Goa, the hustle of Deli, or romantic visions of seeing the Taj Mahal at dawn, clad in a vibrant, bejewelled sari. It’s time to sneak off to the tea room, switch your playlist to “Bollywood” & brew a pot of Mistress of Spice, letting the seductive wafting perfume of spices & roses transport you in an instant. Caffeine free, vegan friendly and utterly, deliciously addictive – no vaccines, airport taxes or lost luggage – just a divine mini break in a mouthful.

Health Benefits

Delicious, nourishing rooibos is naturally caffeine free, low in tannins (so it doesn’t mess with your body’s ability to absorb iron) & has no oxalic acid, (so it’s kind to your kidneys). It’s chock full of antioxidants, enzymes, flavonoids & polyphenols (such as aspalathin) which cannot be found in other foods. It is most widely known for its potential to prevent type 2 diabetes & reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Our blend of spices not only tastes amazing but supports digestion & helps with heartburn, bloating, nutrient absorption & the relief from cramps. It helps lower blood sugar levels & supports kidney & liver health, & the combination has shown promising signs of reducing heart disease factors. With powerful anti-inflammatory properties Mistress of Spice can nourish and protect your whole family every day.

Serving Size 5g

This chai is super versatile – you can brew it as a tea or make it as a latte.  If you’re short on time, simply use a teaspoon to a generous tablespoon to achieve your desired strength and add boiling water. Give it a good 5 minutes to infuse. If you’ve got more time, make up a pot full on the stove – a tablespoon per person & one for the pot for good measure. Bring to the boil, cover & reduce to a simmer for at least 15 minutes, adding a bit of coconut sugar or honey if you choose. You can also brew with milk to make a stovetop latte – absolutely delicious. At yoga retreats, we have a huge stock pot on a back burner all day & the perfume wafts out across the studio – heavenly! You can even do a second brew once you mix is strained – we use it for soaking bircher muesli, making chia puddings or porridge. A brew can also be chilled & Kylie’s kids love it when it’s made into wonderful icy poles in summer!

Organic Rooibos Tea [South Africa], Organic Cardamom [Guatemala], Organic Fennel Seeds [India], Organic Rosebuds [India], Organic Coriander Seeds [Egypt], Organic Cinnamon Quills [Sri Lanka], Organic Star Anise [China], Organic Vanilla Bean [Madagascar], Organic Mace [Indonesia], Organic Black Peppercorns [India], Organic Ginger Root [India], Organic Calendula Petals [Egypt], Cornflower Petals [Italy]

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