Naturally Positive by Julia Rose


This Beautifully designed set of bespoke cards are Intentionally curated to bring a smile to your face. 

Each affirmation card features… A sweet little Farm animal adorned in a unique fresh floral creation designed by artist Julia Rose.
The deck is certain to make you smile!

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This Beautifully designed set of bespoke cards are Intentionally curated to bring a smile to your face.
I created this deck during lockdown, purely to bring myself joy and keep entertained as an artist.
I shared a few images, from my peculiar past time ‘flower crowning my babies’ and it turned out other people were just as quirky as I was… everyone loved them!
So, I buckled down and kept creating. The next thing I knew I had a whole collection of my farm animals looking fabulous!
This is when the ‘Naturally Positive’ deck came to life.

Each affirmation card features…
One of our sweet little Farm animals (or an animal we have rescued over the years) looking glorious in a over the top unique fresh flower crown!
The crowns are designed by me, Artist – Julia Rose.

The deck consists of 20 Cards
Including 20 delightful images & affirmations. 1 x title card. 1 x Instructional card.
1 x A4 print with a few little tales of the farm babies rescue stories and the role they play on the farm.
Printed on beautiful heavyweight matte art card that really makes the colors pop
A decadent 12cm x 12cm Eco-Friendly card-stock with a luxurious satin finish
The deck is packaged in a simple natural-toned recycled cardboard gift box

How to use your ‘Naturally Positive’ Cards
+ One lady told me she had a dinner party, where she placed a card under every plate. She said it was the perfect conversation starter. She came back again and again purchasing 8 decks in total!
+ Another lady let me know she put fridge magnet on the back of her favourite cards and placed them on the fridge. Rotating them every few weeks.
+ A young family told me they would have their young girls pick a card daily before school, just to start the day with a smile & boost confidence.
+ People have framed and gifted them.
I’d love to hear how you use them.

– Shuffle your cards
– When you feel the pull to stop, stop shuffling
– Spread your cards in a rainbow shape in front of you with the affirmations/images face down
– Close your eyes and pick whichever card you are drawn to
And that’s your affirmation for the day!

You can take a photo of it or write it down to remember
Over time your thoughts will change. Watch your reality follow as a result.
A little bit about the Artist …
Glorious Blooms in the Enchanted World of Julia Rose  
If she wasn’t a floral designer, Julia Rose would be saving abandoned animals and nurturing them at her rustic little farm near Byron Bay, Australia. 
It’s a complete contrast to the high society world of opulent floral designs where her work is celebrated for its theatrical fancy, Hollywood extravagance and touch of magic. 
Julia Rose is a famous floral artist with an international reputation for her sumptuous organic and naturally eclectic wearable designs.                                                           
Julia Rose is the epitome of artistry and glamour when it comes to her floral couture, With a fast building a reputation for her Interactive and immersive floral art installations. Drawing crowds of thousands to experience the pieces.
She has built her reputation on her jaw-dropping design and dedication to perfection, for all who have commissioned her; be it the fashion and media industry requesting her to sprinkle her magic on their runway extravaganzas, fashion shoots, Television or film sets.                        
Julia’s Designs have been featured in worldwide campaigns and international fashion magazines. She has designed countless Cover images for a large collection of publications and her designs have been featured in Art Galleries.                                                            
Julia is best known for creating branding images for Internationally recognized Brands. Including billboards, media campaigns and red-carpet events.                                   
Appointed Creative Director and Arts Curator of large-scale arts festivals, Julia Rose designs interactive and immersive art, floral gowns and other magnificent creations. 
All designs are created by Julia Rose and copyright protected.
Thank you for visiting my shop
Julia Rose x

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