Nest Blend – Nestbox Blend


Designed to support and maintain a healthy nesting environment.

This unique blend of all natural, all CERTIFIED ORGANIC, dried plants, herbs and flowers provide a beautiful addition to your nesting box.


-pest repellent




All ingredients are food grade, all natural, pesiticide free, non- toxic, organic, no artificial scents – NO NASTIES!

Hand Blended in QLD

Chamomile – chamomile can be used to fight lice, mites and fleas. It is also can be used as an antiseptic, natural antibiotic and is calming for chickens.

Lavender – Not only does lavender smell amazing, but is a wonderful calming agent. Its also great for deterring flies!

Mugwort – Mugwort is used to repel lice and mites. If the chickens peck and eat it, it can also encourage egg laying!

Lemon Balm –  Lemon balm is well known for its  natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – great for helping your chickens’ tummies. It also smells amazing and is a natural rodent repellent.

Peppermint –  Peppermint is a fantastic insect repellent and has also been found to be effective in the battle against coccidiosis and have anti-viral properties. The addition of dry or fresh peppermint leaves to the diet of laying hens has been proven to significantly increase egg weight, egg production, egg mass, and feed intake.

Rosemary – Rosemary is used to repell insects and germs. It has natural antibacterial properties and is used to calm the chooks while laying.

Calendula – Repels insects. If the chooks nibble at the flowers, it will provide a wonderul bright YELLOW yolk!

Wormwood – Wormwood is the traditional companion plant for chickens; as they peck it, the plant helps them cleanse themselves of internal parasites such as worms. In the nesting box it is also used to repel insects, such as mites.

95 gram bag

Add two tablespoons per nesting box – a little goes a long way

Look out for our extended range of nesting blends coming soon!

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