One Day’s Wages for one of our Casual Adult Staff Members (Public Holiday Rates)


This is a virtual product purchase. It will enable us to provide a full day’s work (on a Public Holiday) or 2 half days split between two of our Adult Casual Staff Members.

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One of the aspects of the recent fire-threat and subsequent evacuations to our area that we’ve found very stressful is not being able to provide hours for our Casual Adult Staff at a time when they were anticipating working right through January, including all the Public Holidays (as they had planned on making enough to get them through the next few months). We have 3 apprentices that we managed to pay right through the period while we were evacuated/closed, but we were unable to do this with our casuals. Your purchase will allow us to offer one adult casual staff member an additional day’s work on an upcoming Public Holiday – eg. ANZAC Day or Easter, or split it between two staff members – providing a half day extra for each.  Thank-you so much, from us, and from them 🙂 


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