Reusable teabags (3 pack)


Love the ease and simplicity of bagged teas but despise
waste and nasties in your cuppa? Then look no further! These reusable tea bags
are made from 100% cotton muslin and the perfect way to brew your favourite
loose leaf teas. Served in a pack of 3, they’re incredibly easy to rinse and
reuse for your next cuppa. Guaranteed to last longer than your favourite pack
of tea!


Once you’ve brewed the perfect cuppa, simply empty your used
leaves into the compost or garden (your worms will love it!) turn the best
inside out, and rinse. You can handwash them with a drop of detergent if you
want your best to look squeaky clean. Air dry and store with your favourite


Did you know? Many teabags contain bleach (to make them look
white) and plastics (to seal them). And they are often filled with finely cut,
low quality ingredients, which can leave you with a weak, tasteless brew. We
suggest using loose leaf teas for the best quality and flavour.

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