Ouroboros Ring in Silver – known as winged snake swallowing or
biting into its own tail, symbolizing eternity & the never ending
circle of life is treasured as partner ring, engagement ring or wedding
It has emerged over centuries in many cultures from Ancient
Egypt, Gnostic texts, American Indians to Norse Mythology in Europe,
with wings or without wings, also known as  any image of a snake, worm,
serpent, dragon, Uroboros and Lindwurm without wings.

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OUR  jewellery items are no art copies. The casts are replicas prepared
from our handcrafted originals and are authentic reproductions in the
according style.

Jewellery items
can be made by request in different materials, e.g.: 9ct, 14ct or 18ct
Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold or Palladium. Also available with or
without wings or as smooth snake or double – headed snake as shown on
our photos. Please find more information below.
Any local jewellery shop can measure your ring size
case you want to wear the Ouroboros rings regularly as engagement or
wedding rings, we do not recommend bronze or brass as they are not
precious metals and discolour the skin green over time depending on how
often the ring gets wet. They are more suited for occasional medieval
reenactment or brooches (cloak pins or belt buckles) or for decorative
purposes, e.g. objects like trophies or medals.
Gemstones not included in price!
your jewellery with your choice of metal or gemstone in regards to
variety, quality: colour, cut, clarity, size (ct-weight), shape or
We will give recommendations about Shape and Size of gemstones to fit the proportions of the chosen design.
extra pair of gemstones set as eyes of the ouroboros look stunning:
red faceted garnets AU$35 (all incl. setting charge)
or bright orange Spessartine Garnets AU$43
or faceted rubies AU$70
or green Hydrothermal synthetic Emeralds AU$45
or natural faceted emeralds $75 in 2nd grade-up to $103 gem grade
or Diamonds 0.01ct in Brilliant cut Super2 VS colour G-H AU$92
or Cubic Zirkonia $34
or Amethysts $36
or synthetic light blue Spinells $42
Please read the Testimonials of our clients
Please contact us if you would like to discuss custom made jewellery or get inspired by our website: https://www.planert-jewellery.com.au/jewellery-category-display/category/12-australian-designed-fine-jewellery

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm